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You are Ayre, a young woman with a rare companion: the last living Dragon.

In the hopes of finding where your Dragon came from, you have spend the last few years travelling far and wide.  Your research has discovered the home of an ancient people, the Skyriders.

Together, you and Red, your Dragon, can explore 64 square kilometers of valleys, rivers, moutains and forests in the search for clues to a lost civilization.

Oh and there's something about a comet?


  • 100% non violent.  There's nothing to kill, no way to die.
  • Play any way you want, relaxing and chill, explore the world in the air or on foot.  
  • Upgrade your Dragon's abilities by completing ring races.
  • Discover lost histories.
  • Collect a lot of gems.
  • Seriously, a LOT of gems.
  • Secret Things

Purchase Choices

Steam: Coming on Launch

Itch.io: https://gordgames.itch.io/ayre