Paper Dungeon Mazes 2


What is Paper Dungeon Mazes 2?


Collect treasure, defeat monsters, and explore a variety of locations in this sequel to the original Paper Dungeon Mazes.  Venture into weird woods, creepy caves, and devious dungeons. Avoid traps, find keys, collect loot.  Survive long enough to find the exit to the next adventure or perish in the attempt!

All you need is this book, two 6 sided dice, and a pencil.  This book is fun for adventurers of all ages playing either solo (by themselves) or sharing the quest together with family and friends.

"Every time I play this I always end up with a great emergent story about my character and his adventures. I highly recommend it!"

- Dan Wood reviewing Paper Dungeon Mazes

Purchase Choices

Digital Version

The PDF demo contains the first adventure.  The PDF full version contains 7 adventures across various locations.

Paperback Version

The paperback version is sold on Amazon and contains 7 adventures across various locations.  Draw on the pages, mark it up, enjoy holding it.